Scientifically proven benefits of Green Tea

Although drinking tea has been linked to health benefits for centuries, only in recent years have its therapeutic properties been investigated scientifically. The Harvard Medical School recently published that Green tea is the best food source of a group called catechins, which are more powerful than vitamins C and E in faltering oxidative damage to cells and appear to have other disease-fighting properties. Some of the scientifically proven benefits of green tea are discussed below:

  1. Lowers Cholesterol

Consumption of oily foods puts your health at risk for heart-related diseases like high cholesterol. Swapping unhealthy snacks and drinks with green tea will help keep your cholesterol levels in control. EGCG – the powerful antioxidant found in Green tea could constrain the absorption of cholesterol from the large intestine. Drinking five cups of green tea per day will help you keep cholesterol levels at bay.

  1. Promotes Oral health

Green tea is actually beneficial when it comes to your oral health. A 2009 study in Periodontology revealed that the intake of green tea was inversely correlated with periodontal disease, due to the presence of catechin. Catechin can reduce inflammation, control bacteria and lower the acidity of saliva and dental plaque, preventing cavities and other indicators of poor oral health. EGCG in green tea can help kill cancer cells, warding off oral cancer.

  1. Protects your skin from UV Rays

Green tea can also be a backup for sunscreen, as it has the ability to reduce inflammation as a result of UV exposure. The catechins in green tea can make the skin more resistant to the effects of UV rays and therefore prevent skin reddening and skin aging. Drinking two a cups a day is highly recommended to protect skin tissues.

  1. Improves eyesight

Catechins- the antioxidants found in green tea have another powerful ability: it can actually penetrate and be absorbed by the tissues of the eyes and produce antioxidant activity. Researchers found that different parts of the eye absorbed varying amounts of catechins, with the highest concentration of this antioxidant found in the retina of lab rats fed green tea extract. The area with the least absorption of catechins was the cornea. These findings reveal that green tea can promote good eyesight, and prevents cataract-induced blindness.

With its origins in China, green tea, a miracle drink has made its way long ago into the mugs of nations across the world for its touted health benefits. It’s astounding, how one cup can act a barrier to many diseases. If you want to buy green tea, then there is an excellent selection of blends featuring this liquid miracle that is innovative and uplifting at the same time. Visit for a selection of green teas.


What To Expect From A Good Magician

Magicians have gained huge popularity in the recent days, thanks to their ability to entertain and mesmerize guests in major events. With a good magician, you can at once turn your wedding or party into a fun filled event that will forever linger in the minds of your guests. A good magician has plenty to offer when you call them to come and entertain your guests;


  1.  Ice Breaker; in weddings and in most parties, guests tend to say little to the other, often because they are strangers. A single magician’s mind boggling stunt will quickly break the ice amongst your guests, and have them chatting animatedly in wonder and awe.
  2. Plenty of Laughter; a good magician will also bring plenty of laughter in your party. Most magicians are comedians by nature, albeit silent ones who use actions and stunts to make people laugh. Magicians leave their audiences aching with laughter the moment they learn a clever stunt has been pulled on them.
  3. Crazy costumes; every good magician has their favorite dressing style or attire. Surprisingly, a magician’s dressing is in itself an object of fun; they go for catchy, crazy attire that catches your attention long before they go on stage. This may include traditional Victorian era attire, or an 80s look, depending on the magician’s preference.
  4. Entertain everyone; anyone who hasn’t attended a magician’s show may be excused for assuming that magician’s are ideal only for entertaining children. This is misinformed; truth is that a good magician in London will leave every one of the guests present entertained. They capture children’s attention, they leave the adults present mesmerized, and before anyone realizes it, everyone is glued to the stage watching the magician unleash their cleverly executed stunts.


Te benefits of having a good magician present in your event are immense.

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Uncover the ideal Wedding Tips From your Correct People

There are a few individuals who might not will need help in various things but it surely can be a unique story in regards to a wedding. Weddings are essential occasions so it is crucial for them to accomplish their best in placing almost everything with each other in order to possess a memorable party. This means they have to uncover distinctive wedding tips relying over the thoughts for wedding which they choose to have. The good thing relating to this is that the brides are usually not deprived of these tips considering the fact that they might uncover these in a great deal of locations. The subsequent would be the areas or maybe the people which they can question for these wedding tips.


Mom’s even now the best

Though there are numerous girls who may well not wish to seek the advice of their moms but let’s be honest, these are those who definitely have encounter on this stuff. Plenty of periods, they’ve the proper strategies for wedding that can suited to your requirements. As a result of all their experiences in everyday life, they’ve got by now noticed everything and possess the power to improvise over the different wedding requirements. They will be in a position to give you tips on how to plan a wedding to save money and in many cases locate the best strategies they require.

Expert short article writers online

The great point about distinct wedding demands is that these are now readily available for individuals online. The nice factor about this is always that you could always go online and locate these industry experts also crafting their pretty own tips and advices find the best products that you can use on your wedding. They have a great deal of strategies and tips regarding how to save on your own wedding requires or maximizing the general theme of your wedding to have a pleasurable event.

Wedding books

Other than online article content, there are a variety of wedding authorities that create a reserve that may enable folks find the correct factors they should have for their wedding relying over the concept that they have. These experts have been identified from the fields both wedding planner or designer which includes all of the rights to put in writing these tips. You’ll come across out on their own books whether they will give tips for weddings generally speaking or target on their own know-how only. This suggests that if they are professional makers of wedding favors, they are able to just give tips on how to select the suitable favors for his or her funds or locate the ones suitable for their wedding topic.

The nice detail about getting these tips is the fact that you could have a large amount of tips from which to choose and in many cases weigh each of the options to buy the proper wedding wants. Keep in mind that haste is waste so it’s far better to search for these specialists to have you occur up using the proper wedding by their tips. This could make sure them of a quite memorable wedding which they can cherish permanently because they have promised and perhaps do not definitely commit many their finances as it is more essential for them help you save money at this point.